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hull v. 1942 L. R. Hubbard Space Can in Astounding Science Fiction July 73/2 A small amount of Ensign Gates' placidity left his face. They were being severely knocked about by a vessel which had a longer range and a faster steering system, which was landing four hits to their two. โ€˜Hulled her!โ€™ cried Ensign Wayton, an invisible source of death forward and above. Evidently something had happened to the Saturnian, for an instant later, in a steady stream, Wayton began to chant the Menaceโ€™s hits.
prespace adj. 1949 โ€˜R. Lafayetteโ€™ Emperor of Universe in Startling Stories Nov. 134/1 No one seems to know, although there are many guesses of course, just how pre-space man arrived at the mysterious A.D. which he appends on his stone carvings everywhere he first trod. Astronomical research into this has only brought bewilderment since absolutely no stellar nor terrestial cataclysm can be located which would begin his A.D. And when he changed to a sensible binary day and a galactic year the records of that moment were subsequently destroyed.