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mutant n. 1936 S. G. Weinbaum Proteus Island in Astounding Stories Aug. 107/2 Was this girl, too, a mutant, a variant of some species other than human, who had through mere chance adopted a perfect human form?
nightside n. 1935 S. G. Weinbaum Parasite Planet in Astounding Stories Feb. 54/1 He mused; his shack had been situated rather nearer the hot edge of the twilight zone; it was a trifle over two hundred and fifty miles to the shadow line, though of course that varied with the libration. But one couldn’t approach the line too closely, anyway, because of the fierce, almost inconceivable, storms that raged where the hot upper winds encountered the icy blasts of the night side, giving rise to the birth throes of the ice barrier.
nightside adj. 1935 S.G. Weinbaum Parasite Planet Astounding Stories Feb. 69 (footnote) It was not known then that while the night-side life of Venus can eat and digest that of the day side, the reverse is not true. No day-side creature can absorb the dark life because of the presence of various metabolic alcohols, all poisonous.
planet-wide adj. 1934 S. G. Weinbaum Valley of Dreams in Wonder Stories Nov. 690/1 With only coal and oil—just combustion or electric power—where'd they get the energy to build a planet-wide canal system, thousands and thousands of miles of 'em?
Titanian adj. 1935 S. G. Weinbaum Flight on Titan in Astounding Stories Jan. ii. 107/2 He wanted to kiss her—an impossibility, of course, in a Titanian night. It would have been a kiss of death; they would have died with lips frozen each to the others. He put away the thought that maybe that might be the pleasanter way, since death was inevitable now, anyway. Better, he decided, to die fighting.