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dystopian adj. 1953 D. Knight Dissecting Table in Science Fiction Adventures July 117 Proteus, like many a dystopian hero before him, becomes increasingly uneasy about the elite to which he belongs and eventually winds up involved in an attempt to overthrow it.
proto-science fiction n. 1962 D. Knight Space in Century of Science Fiction 78 But Lucian’s narrator got to the moon by magical means; so did Cyrano de Bergerac’s, Defoe’s and Godwin’s; Kepler’s got there in a dream. These are proto-science-fiction narratives, if you like; but the history of space travel in science fiction does not begin until about the turn of the century, when such stories began to be written using means that might actually work.
Terrestrial n. 2 1944 ‘S. Fleming’ Doorway to Kal-Jmar in Planet Stories Winter 24/1 ‘Kalis methra,’ he began haltingly, ‘seltin guna getal.’ ‘Yes, there is air here,’ said the Martian leader, startlingly. ‘Not enough for your use, however, so do not open your helmets.’ Syme swore amazedly. ‘I thought you said they didn’t speak Terrestrial,’ Tate said. Syme ignored him. ‘We had our reasons for not doing so,’ the Martian said.