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alternative history n. 1989 I. Watson World Renews Itself in M. Bishop Nebula Awards 23 (1989) 8 This time, however, the distancing devices are the fantasy elements of hexes and effective magic and the SF paraphernalia of alternative history. Seventh Son is the fascinating first volume of an other-history saga of the American frontier, flawed only by the inclusion of an emigré William Blake as Taleswapper.
cyberpunkish adj. 1989 I. Watson World Renews Itself in M. Bishop Nebula Awards 23 9 Pat Cadigan’s first novel, Mindplayers, explores the fast track of the brain-wired consciousness industry in hardbitten, wisecracking, cyberpunkish style.
homeworld n. 1990 I. Watson Flies of Memory i. 61 Perhaps they could willfully ‘forget’ the distance from their home world.
nearside n. 1997 I. Watson Jewels in Angel's Wing in M. Ashley Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories 274 I remembered the approach of the aliens: two great spacefaring beings like grotesque, beautiful, ornamental fish a kilometer long, two kilometers high, half a kilometer wide, wrapped round with convoluted sparkling sails and veils, shimmering with powers and forces that we couldn’t fathom. All contact with Earth from our transmitter on Nearside was disrupted, lost.
starship n. 1990 I. Watson Flies of Memory i. 45 A country run by mysticism might launch Armageddon against an alien starship if they believed it held the Antichrist.
super-science n. 1990 I. Watson Flies of Memory i. 27 People of the superscience tomorrow could easily be illiterate.
uptime adj. 1990 I. Watson In the Upper Cretaceous in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 7 Cretaceous landscape wasn’t too dissimilar to that of uptime Britain, except perhaps that there was so much of it; that everything was landscape.
Vegan n. 1980 I. Watson Gardens of Delight xxiv. 159 How much more would we regret the passing of Canopians, Vegans, Aldebarians or whomever, with all the insights they had gained?