C. C. MacApp

5 Quotations from C. C. MacApp

flitter n. 1966 C. C. MacApp Frost Planet in Worlds of Tomorrow Nov. 46/2 Man three or four squad flitters and get them aloft. Tell them to intercept and turn back anyone headed for Lubtown.
grav n. 1 1967 C. C. MacApp Beachhead for Gree in Worlds of If Feb. 155/1 Other light flares bloomed all over the area, descending very slowly on gravs.
kiloday n. 1965 C. C. MacApp Light Outside in Worlds of Tomorrow Sept. 31/1 I, Rulvu, Monarch of all the Caves, do in this ninth kiloday of the Fourth Dynasty decree that [etc.].
needle pistol n. 1968 C. C. MacApp Where the Subbs Go in Worlds of If May 46/1 His right hand dipped below the desk, and Ralse presumed it now held a handgun. A needle-pistolโ€”that was supposed to be Sunnerโ€™s preference.
null-grav adj. 1964 C. C. MacApp Slaves of Gree in Worlds of If Aug. 11/1 A bullet-port that released null-grav pellets which travelled in a straight line at exactly one thousand feet per second and would detonate spontaneously at one thousand feet.