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Fred Saberhagen

10 Quotations from Fred Saberhagen

astrogational adj. 1974 F. Saberhagen Berserker's Planet in Worlds of If June 54/1 Schoenberg’s eyes went shifting restlessly now to his astrogational chart.
beam weapon n. 1966 F. Saberhagen Face of the Deep in Worlds of If Sept. 51/2 Why wasn’t it firing? As if to answer his thought the flare of a beam-weapon struck out from the launch.
core n. 2003 F. Saberhagen Berserker’s Star xiv. 208 Somehow, as if through a great magnifying lens, or a porthole looking into a wormhole, it provided a close but distorted look at the Core, the Galaxy’s great glowing heart, which through the normal paths of space, or even flight-space, would be thousands of light-years distant, a journey occupying standard months, if conditions obtaining along the route would allow it to be made at all.
deep space n. 1965 F. Saberhagen Masque of the Red Shift in Worlds of If Nov. 39/1 Why, though, should any ship approach and hail him in deep space?
laser pistol n. 1963 F. Saberhagen Goodlife in Worlds of Tomorrow Dec. 42/2 All passengers had put on emergency spacesuits when the unequal battle had begun; now he found himself an extra air tank, and some officer’s laser pistol, which he stuck in a loop of his suit’s belt.
planeteer n. 1961 F. Saberhagen Planeteer in Galaxy Magazine Apr. 11/1 The twenty planeteers who were going down into atmosphere, plus two reserve crews, slouched in their seats and scribbled notes.
planetman n. 1965 F. Saberhagen Stone Place in Worlds of If Mar. 13/2 ‘You protest?’ ‘I do.’ The Venerian looked around at his planetmen. ‘We all do.’
planetquake n. 1965 F. Saberhagen Masque of Red Shift in If Nov. iii. 41/2 You are an accident, like a planet-quake, like a pellet of dust hitting a ship near light-speed.
Solarian adj. 1965 F. Saberhagen Stone Place in Worlds of If Mar. 21 That had been a genuine pleasure, seeing Johann given command of the Solarian fleet, watching the Venerians boil.
space flyer n. 1 1979 F. Saberhagen Some Events in the Templar Radiant in Destinies Aug.–Sept. 87 I see you have a private space flyer here. Do you use it to go out to the Radiant?