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Joan D. Vinge

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construct n. 1991 J. D. Vinge Summer Queen ii. 612 I’m not just someone named Kullervo. I’m something more now. My name was—is—Vanamoinen. The real Vanamoinen died long ago; I’m a construct, a database ... his avatar, for want of a better word. I’m using Reede Kullervo to do what I have to do, here, now.
shapeshift v. 1980 J. D. Vinge Hunt of the Unicorn in Basilisk 20 His sister Arwyn had not been able to shape-shift before Braide’s curse; and so she could not now.
Standard n. 1996 J. D. Vinge Dreamfall (2004) 153 She spoke Standard, with no real accent.
Titanese n. 1977 J. D. Vinge Eyes of Amber in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact June 20/1 ‘Ah! Of course. The old brain is not what it was...’ She shook her gray-white head; her black cloak swirled out melodramatically. He grinned, knowing she didn’t mean a word of it. ‘Maybe learning Titanese on top of fifty other languages is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.’
xenocide n. 1991 J. D. Vinge Summer Queen (2003) 272 It’s not just about the morality of committing xenocide; it’s about enlightened self-interest.