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Clifford D. Simak

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atomics n. 2 1943 C. D. Simak Hunch in Astounding Science-Fiction July 32/2 My men are rounding up the Asteroid jewels. Got bushels of them so far. Putting them under locks you'd have to use atomics to get open.
Earthian n. 2 1943 C. D. Simak Hunch in Astounding Science-Fiction July 19/1 It was a roundabout way, a long way, an awkward way to read the language of Mars, Monk reflected. Martian to Jovian to Earthian. But it was better than no way at all.
home star n. 1939 C. D. Simak Cosmic Engineers in Astounding Science-Fiction Apr. 142/2 Swinging in a great, erratic orbit on the very edge of this nebulalike mass of raw planetary matter was a planet, a planet which they recognized. One of the planets of their old home star, fourth out from the Sun. It had been stolen from their Sun, now was swinging in an orbit of its own.
robotic n. 1950 C. D. Simak Time Quarry in Galaxy Science Fiction Oct. 18/1 Across the board stood a beautifully machined robotic. The man reached out a hand, thoughtfully played his knight. The robotic clicked and chuckled. It moved a pawn.
space-going adj. 1932 C. D. Simak Mutiny on Mercury in Wonder Stories Mar. 1174/1 It was plainly up to him to destroy the transport. It was too dangerous to leave it in the hands of the mutineers. With it, they could leave Mercury. It was the only space-going ship on the planet.