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apazine n. 1953 R. Silverberg 1952—In Review in Spaceship (#20) Jan. 6 There were some hum-dingers and new fanzines. [...] Plus apazines of all descriptions, and one-shots too numerous to mention and often just unmentionable. But you get the idea.
insectoidal adj. 1956 ‘R. Randall’ Promised Land in Astounding Science Fiction Aug. 29/2 The Mountains of the Morning were barren—devoid of all life except lichen and small insectoidal creatures.
jack in v. 1970 R. Silverberg Tower of Glass in Galaxy Magazine June 141/20 Watchman replaced him in the linkup seat. He jacked himself into the computer.
neopro n. 1967 R. Silverberg Jet-Propelled Birdbath in Algol (#12) 18 Mar. 22 The toastmaster (Bloch? Asimov?) announced that Harlan and a quondam fan of great gifts named Dave Ish had sold a story to Tony Boucher’s F&SF. A beaming Harlan confirmed the revelation: the story was called ‘Monkey Business’, I think, and was 2500 words long, and the payment had been $100. As a fledgling neopro myself, I felt the tinge of admiration well mixed with envy. But the announcement was in error.
realspace n. 1973 R. Silverberg Ship-Sister, Star-Sister in R. Elwood Frontiers 1: Tomorrow’s Alternatives 95 There is no energy interface between realspace and nospace, no opportunity for any kind of electromagnetic intrusion. That much had been amply demonstrated long before any manned voyages were undertaken.
shapechange n. 1959 ‘C. D. Hammer’ Monsters Came at Night in Super-Science Fiction Oct. 41/2 There were two of them this night. One at each side of his bed, their bodies changing form with protean rapidity, undulating through metamorphosis after revolting metamorphosis. [...] Through shape-change after shape-change the eerie visitors went.
time hopper n. 2 1967 R. Silverberg Time Hoppers (title) The Time Hoppers.
transhuman adj. 1967 R. Silverberg Those Who Watch 81 There were the saucer people: superb specimens of transhuman life, muscular, magnificent, with expressions of ineffable wisdom.
unsuit v. 1957 R. Silverberg Why? in Science Fiction Stories Nov. 67/1 Brock unsuited; the vine had left a red, raw line about his waist.