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apazine n. 1953 R. Silverberg Spaceship (#20) Jan. 6 Plus apazines of all descriptions.
genetically engineered adj. [1957 R. Silverberg Misfit in Super Science Fiction Dec. 100/1 His type had been genetically engineered for worlds like Sandoval IX. ]
jack in v. 1970 R. Silverberg Tower of Glass in Galaxy Mag. June 141/20 Watchman replaced him in the linkup seat. He jacked himself into the computer.
realspace n. 1973 R. Silverberg Ship-Sister, Star-Sister in R. Elwood Frontiers 1: Tomorrowโ€™s Alternatives 95 There is no energy interface between realspace and nospace, no opportunity for any kind of electromagnetic intrusion. That much had been amply demonstrated long before any manned voyages were undertaken.
time hopper n. 2 [1956 R. Silverberg Hopper in Infinity Science Fiction Oct. 94/2 I've determined that these disappearances are directly connected to historical records of the apperance of the hoppers in the late Twentieth Century and succeeding years.]
tri-dim n. 1963 R. Silverberg To See Invisible Man in Worlds of Tomorrow Apr. 158/1 I entered theaters, where the happy lotus-eaters sat slumped in their massage-chairs, transfixed by the glowing tridim imagesโ€”and I capered down the aisles.
unsuit v. 1957 R. Silverberg Why? in Science Fiction Stories Nov. 67/1 Brock unsuited; the vine had left a red, raw line about his waist.