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post-apocalypse adj. 1970 B. N. Malzberg Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 29/2 Richard Wilson’s ‘Mother to the World’ is another post-apocalypse Adam-and-Eve story in which Adam is a gifted and intelligent man and Eve and attractive, wistful, devoted moron with an IQ of 60 or so.
post-apocalyptic adj. 1986 B. N. Malzberg in P. Anthony et al. Uncollected Stars Introd. 6 Another theory is that the theme of this story is black even by the stands [sic] of this pair of writers and by the standards of this postapocalyptic period in Astounding.
post-apocalyptic adj. 1970 B. N. Malzberg Book Review in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 26/1 It deals once again with post-apocalyptic America, populated at both coasts by technocrats and terrified politicians who live in enclaves, totally in fear of the vigilantes, mostly on motorcycles…who are tearing up the midwest.
viewplate n. 1976 B. N. Malzberg Best of Barry N. Malzberg 8 All that the intent crew and the Captain were able to see through the viewplate was a thin glaze in which a deformed parody of a human shape could be seen struggling against a nebulous background.