Damien Broderick

4 Quotations from Damien Broderick

energy weapon n. 1980 D. Broderick Dreaming Dragons (1981) 189 Into the effulgence of the arc-lit crystal mass, his plumage imperial, Anokersh huj Lers stepped like a prince. He bore no energy weapon; the people dared not risk such potency falling into the hands of the ferals.
nova bomb n. 1964 D. Broderick Sea's Furthest End in J. Carnell New Writings in SF 1 176 Two heavy cruisers, mile-long monoliths whose fields could withstand a nova-bomb, and whose armament could wipe out a system.
novum n. 1995 D. Broderick Reading by Starlight 60 Sf is different, being, as we have seen, at least by vocation a mode grounded in a novum.
subjunctivity n. 1992 D. Broderick Reading SF as a Mega-text in N.Y. Review of Science Fiction (# 47) July 8/2 Sf textuality, by contrast…is grounded in a different subjunctivity, one in which metonymy passes first through cascades of suspended paradigm sets, detached and sent aloft from any last vestige of quotidian referentiality.