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energy weapon n. 1980 D. Broderick Dreaming Dragons (1981) 189 Into the effulgence of the arc-lit crystal mass, his plumage imperial, Anokersh huj Lers stepped like a prince. He bore no energy weapon; the people dared not risk such potency falling into the hands of the ferals.
nova bomb n. 1964 D. Broderick Sea's Furthest End in J. Carnell New Writings in SF 1 176 Two heavy cruisers, mile-long monoliths whose fields could withstand a nova-bomb, and whose armament could wipe out a system.
novum n. 1995 D. Broderick Reading by Starlight 60 Sf is different, being, as we have seen, at least by vocation a mode grounded in a novum.
subjunctivity n. 1992 D. Broderick Reading SF as a Mega-text in N.Y. Review of Science Fiction (# 47) July 8/2 Sf textuality, by contrast…is grounded in a different subjunctivity, one in which metonymy passes first through cascades of suspended paradigm sets, detached and sent aloft from any last vestige of quotidian referentiality.
time opera n. 1980 D. Broderick (title) The Dreaming Dragons: A Time Opera.