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everywhen adv. 1980 A. Davidson Peregrine: Perplexed in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct. 146 There are such men everywhere and everywhen.
port n. 1964 A. Davidson Valentine's Planet in Worlds of Tomorrow Aug. 10/1 It’s the breaks, former First Officer Cane. I never got them, not till old Jarvy dropped dead and went out the garbage chute one week from port.
timequake n. 1961 A. Davidson & M. Klass Kappa Nu Nexus in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 16/1 He was, he instructed Hank, from the year 831 S.M.—roughly 1200 years from our time, a closer approximation being difficult owing to the Great Timequake.
Vegan n. 2 1960 A. Davidson Sixth Season in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 64/1 ‘Isn’t that the Vegan version of “son-of-a-bitch”?’ he asked. Macklin heaved himself up into a semi-sitting position. ‘To be precise—or as precise as one can be, considering—it is the Vegan for “hermaphrodite-illegitimately-begotten-during-its-mother’s-moulting-period-by-a-slave-suffering-from-venereal-encephalitis.”’