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dirtball n. 1991 C. Claremont Grounded! 161 Jesus Mary and Joseph, guys, we can hardly live together on this dirtball an' we're at least all the same species!
dirtside adv. 1987 C. Claremont FirstFlight iii. 37 People who couldn’t cut life dirtside and fled to space the way men used to join the French Foreign Legion?
dirtside adv. 1987 C. Claremont FirstFlight iii. 34 There were three complete sets of spares, but since there was time they decided to grab the new unit from dirtside storage and took the shuttle down, leaving Nicole the only one aboard.
dirtside adv. 1987 C. Claremont FirstFlight iii. 33 That same week, the Mission Specialists began loading and stowing their gear, the crew spending as much time aboard the spacecraft as dirtside at DaVinci.
dropshaft n. 1987 C. Claremont FirstFlight iv. 54 She looked up the DropShaft at the CM hatch twenty-five meters away, then down between her feet at the Stores Modules, slightly closer; the Carousels spun around her but in the core all was still and she stretched lazily, as if she was already on her bed.
star drive n. 1987 C. Claremont First Flight xi. 189 They managed to cope with the damage while staying in warp space. Miraculously, the explosion left their stardrive untouched.