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collapsium n. 1958 H. B. Piper Graveyard of Dreams in Galaxy Science Fiction Feb. 132/1 Gehenna of a big crop. Price’ll drop like a brick of collapsium, and this time next year we’ll be using brandy to wash our feet in!
off-planet adv. 1953 H. B. Piper Ullr Uprising in Space Science Fiction Feb. 6/1 People came to Niflheim, and worked the mines and uranium refineries and chemical plants, but they did so inside power-driven and contragravity-lifted armor, and they lived on artificial satellites two thousand miles off-planet.
precog v. 1948 H. Beam Piper Police Operation in Astounding Science Fiction July 17/2 We exist perpetually at all moments within our life-span; our extraphysical ego component passes from the ego existing at one moment to the ego existing at the next. During unconsciousness, the EPC is 'time-free'; it may detach, and connect at some other moment, with the ego existing at that time-point. That’s how we precog. We take an autohypno and recover memories brought back from the future moment and buried in the subconscious mind.
sapience n. 1962 H. B. Piper Little Fuzzy 44 I think he wants to trick some of our people into supporting his sapience claims.
time crime n. 1955 H. B. Piper in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 8 (title) Time Crime.