Sheila Finch

8 Quotations from Sheila Finch

inner space n. 1988 S. Finch Berlitz in Outer Space in Amazing Stories May 55 It may well become necessary in the next century to chemically alter the human perception of reality in order for a new way of seeing, the alien way, to be available to the xenolinguist. We may find that in order to get along in outer space we need to remember what we’ve learned about inner space.
vacuum-suited adj. 1989 S. Finch Shaping Dawn xxxi. 241 After a while, a hatch popped open and a vacuum-suited figure appeared. A ladder unrolled to the grass. Caliban shook its head. ‘I am not encouraged about their intelligence at this point.’ Kory smiled wryly. ‘They’ve decided I’m a vacuum-breathing monster.’
xenolinguist n. 1988 S. Finch Berlitz in Outer Space in Amazing Stories May 50 Let’s consider the situation that may face the would-be xenolinguist in the twentyfirst century. Xenolinguistics 101 Oral forms of language such as humans use are probably not the only methods of communication to be found around the galaxy.
xenolinguist n. 1996 S. Finch Out of Mouths in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 19 The experiment he’d designed wasn’t a new idea; in fact, early theoretical xenolinguists such as Elgin and Watson had discussed it centuries before. Raise a human child with an alien, and she’ll have the other’s language in her head from birth, as well as her native tongue.
xenolinguist n. 1989 S. Finch World Waiting in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 36 Outside, someone was dragging Oona’s battered duffel bag with its faded Xenolinguists’ Guild insignia across the compound to the guest quarters.
xenolinguist n. 1986 S. Finch Triad (2012) vi. 56 As to which category the natives of Ithaca 3-15d belonged, that would depend heavily on the xenolinguist’s assessment of their language.
xenolinguistics n. 1986 S. Finch Triad (2012) xvi. 134 CenCom decided I should study xenolinguistics because as a child I learned to speak the Amerind tongue as well as I could speak Inglis.
xenolinguistics n. 1988 S. Finch Berlitz in Outer Space in Amazing Stories May 54 As a footnote to this discussion of linguistic theories, we should make mention of the research being done in Artificial Intelligence, for what we learn from teaching a machine to use language, and recognizing if and when sentience has developed in our creation, will be vastly useful to the infant science of xenolinguistics.