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Callistan n. 1 1932 N. Schachner Pirates of Gorm in Astounding Stories May 151/2 ‘Miro thinks,’ the Chief, continued unheeding, ‘that the Callistans know more about this than they admit. He has a theory that Callisto is somehow gathering up these ships to use in a surprise attack against his own planet, Ganymede. He says Callisto has always hated them.’ ‘Damn good reason,’ Grant said laconically.
disruptor n. 1931 N. Schachner & A. L. Zagat Emperor of the Stars in Wonder Stories Apr. 1216/2 The disruptor rays had absolutely no effect upon these creatures. Matter was differently constituted here—earth forces were unable to break up these atoms. All was lost!
gyrobus n. 1933 N. Schachner & R. Lacher Memory of Atoms in Wonder Stories Jan. 618/2 A huge gyro-bus, completely enclosed, dull black in color, oblong, sinister, poised on its monorail in front of a great terraced Residential Apartment.
intersystem adj. 1941 N. Schachner Old Fireball in Astounding Science-Fiction June 88/2 Dale hustled over to the office of the Intersystem Communications Service.
mutant n. 1934 N. Schachner 100th Generation in Astounding Stories 94/1 Evolution had done its worst as far as he was concerned. Everything about him was unhuman, from the tough warty skin that inclosed him, through the rubbery dangling fingers…. Lorn must have been a mutant, somewhere in the earlier generations, that had bred true and increased its divergence from generation to generation.
Rigellian n. 1 1937 ‘C. Corbett’ Beyond Infinity in Astounding Stories Jan. i. 10/1 After the first stunned shock of surprise, however, the nations of the world rallied, sank their sectional differences, and in the great Interstellar War of 3207 overwhelmed the intruders, and slew them to the very last Rigellian. In the doing, however, a billion humans died.
Rigellian adj. 1937 ‘C. Corbett’ Beyond Infinity in Astounding Stories Jan. i. 10/1 From Rigellian captives a very little had been learned. It was extremely difficult to establish communication—vegetative thought processes could not readily be transmuted into recognizable form.
space tan n. 1936 N. Schachner Reverse Universe in Astounding Stories June 10/2 Talbot flushed under his space tan.
space-tanned adj. 1932 N. Schachner Slaves of Mercury in Astounding Stories Sept. 81/2 Hilary’s space-tanned features hardened; the light gray of his eyes darkened.
space warp n. 1935 N. Schachner Son of Redmask in Astounding Stories Aug. 101/1 For centuries they had endured under their diverse forms of government…wrapped in special defenses which they to the mightiest weapons that human science could bring to bear. Of such were the Space-Warp that flowed in a solid cessation of light around Yorrick, the inconceivably compact hemisphere of Impermite that inclosed [sic] Pisbor, and the shimmering Web-Curtain behind which Chico hazed and danced like a mirage.
telescanner n. 1938 N. Schachner Sun-World of Soldus in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 109/2 His wandering eyes glued feverishly to the eyepiece of the small but powerful telescanner. ‘Found a sunspot before the due date?’ demanded Jerry. But the little man was already at the physicist’s side, gripping his shoulder with a terrible grip. ‘What do you see?’ Vic shoved him off with a twitch of athletic shoulders, continued to stare. Then, suddenly, he swung away, blinking, blinded. His sweaty face was puzzled. ‘It may be only a meteor,’ he admitted.
thought screen n. 1931 N. Schachner & A. L. Zagat Back to 20,000 A.D. in Wonder Stories Mar. 1132/2 He invented a thought screen that, when worn, effectually shields the wearer from intrusion into his private thoughts.
thought shield n. 1931 N. Schachner & A. L. Zagat Back to 20,000 A.D. in Wonder Stories Mar. 1143/2 You see, I was wearing the thought-shield, and according to my experience and the explanation of Arkon, no least thought vibration should escape through the barrier of its field.
Vestan adj. 1941 N. Schachner Jurisdiction in Astounding Science-Fiction Aug. 15/1 Mighty flexible and generous, the Vestan corporation laws, sir. Nothing like those of Earth and Mars. Initial fees nominal, sir, and the taxes are practically nothing.
viewport n. 1935 N. Schachner Ultimate Metal in Astounding Stories Feb. 98/1 Dean moved half consciously to the view-porte [sic] that was tilted at an angle to bring into focus the panorama of the streets.
visor screen n. 1931 N. Schachner & A. Zagat Revolt of the Machines in Astounding Stories July 91/2 An oval visor-screen with its flitting images brought across space the area the switches controlled.