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cycle n. 1935 D. Wandrei Whisperers in Astounding Stories May 143/2 The whisper audible to human ears was the combined sound of trillions and trillions of micro-beings who talked and flourished and evolved through an existence that was time-extended to centuries and cycles for them, but which was time-foreshortened to moments and hours in the universe of man.
Earthward adv. 1934 D. Wandrei Colossus in Astounding Stories Jan. ii. 48/2 Almost regretfully, he sent the White Bird flying Earthward, and the crag-strewn, jagged, white ruin of the Moon’s surface fell swiftly away, paled into softer outline, until once again, like a silver disk in the sky, it floated glowing and lovely and bathed in soft radiance.
space explorer n. 1936 D. Wandrei Finality Unlimited in Astounding Stories Sept. 31/2 Previously unknown epidemics such as the Black Mould had followed wars, or broken out when the space explorers contracted them on other planets and carried them to Earth.
space patrol n. 1936 D. Wandrei Finality Unlimited in Astounding Stories Sept. 31/2 His master, Pilot Venn of the Space Patrol, ruffled the Kotoley’s head.
super-scientist n. 1934 D. Wandrei Scientist Divides in Astounding Stories Sept. 54/2 Why may not man himself now be only a similar basic cell out of which even vaster and more complex organisms will evolve in the course of ages? Imagine what would happen if a superscientist treated man as such a cell and then, in the laboratory, constructed from one or dozens of men a creature of the year one billion!