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countergravity adj. 1940 ‘T. Ayre’ Twilight of the Tenth World in Planet Stories Winter 107/1 Suppose the shells that dropped released a counter-gravity force upon impact: do you see what would happen?
Earth-norm n. 1938 J. R. Fearn Summons from Mars in Amazing Stories Mar. 98/2 The blood of an Earthling is held in its circulatory tract by gravity fixed at Earth-norm.
Earth-norm adj. 1942 ‘T. Ayre’ Vampire Queen in Planet Stories Fall 65/2 Wearied, we went back to the ship and relaxed gratefully in the Earth-norm gravity.
Jovian n. 2 1938 J. R. Fearn Zagribud in Amazing Stories Apr. 75/2 ‘Well?’ he demanded curtly, also speaking Jovian with difficulty with my Earthly voice. ‘What is it?’
space conquest n. 1937 J. R. Fearn Brain of Venus in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 44/1 The old system had been better, controlled by the original discoverer of space conquest.
spaceward adj. 1940 J. R. Fearn War of the Scientists in Amazing Stories Apr. 69/2 Sykes swept on through the mist, following close in the wake of the spaceward bacilli horde.
timeline n. 1935 J. R. Fearn Liners of Time in Amazing Stories May 32/1 The two Presidents—Templeton and Folson—were indeed the only men in the whole time[-]line who knew the real secret of a time[-]liner and how it operated. [Ibid. 34/2] Projection into the actual gas of evolution made it possible for Man to race far ahead of his own Age, into the distant future, or force his way back along the time line to the past.