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countergravity adj. 1940 โ€˜T. Ayreโ€™ Twilight of the Tenth World in Planet Stories Winter 107/1 Suppose the shells that dropped released a counter-gravity force upon impact: do you see what would happen?
cycle n. 1937 J. R. Fearn Worlds Within in Astounding Stories Mar. 18/2 For hundreds of cycles ill health has been unknown amongst us. How can I possibly be unwell?
earth-norm adj. 1942 โ€˜T. Ayreโ€™ Vampire Queen in Planet Stories Fall 65/2 Wearied, we went back to the ship and relaxed gratefully in the Earth-norm gravity.
Jovian n. 2 1938 J. R. Fearn Zagribud in Amazing Stories Apr. 75/2 โ€˜Well?โ€™ he demanded curtly, also speaking Jovian with difficulty with my Earthly voice. โ€˜What is it?โ€™
space conquest n. 1937 J. R. Fearn Brain of Venus in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 44/1 The old system had been better, controlled by the original discoverer of space conquest.
space navigator n. 1941 J. R. Fearn Cosmic Derelict in Planet Stories 62/2 I ken one thing, sirโ€”ye're not much o' a space navigator.
time machine n. 1935 J. R. Fearn Liners of Time in Amazing Stories June 15/2 โ€˜And how did you get back?โ€™ โ€˜By the test time machine Carreno sent into the past many years ago. You can see it now in the museum.โ€™