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earthfall n. 1952 G. O. Smith Bombs Awry in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 118/1 The entire criterion of the exercise was whether the Vanguard and its crew could make Earthfall in one, well-integrated piece.
gravitics n. 1 1944 ‘W. Long’ Redevelopment in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 147/1 And if they got off of their planets, they’d be using gravitics.
planet v. 1945 ‘W. Long’ Nomad in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 169/1 Fifty Terran machines raced forward and encircled the smoking ruin; and seven of the planeted constellation ships blasted a pathway back to safety.
sentience n. 2 1947 G. O. Smith Kingdom of Blind in Startling Stories July 48/1 Secondly, the true schizophrenic paranoid cannot rail against a mechanistic fate. He must find some sentience to fight, some evil mind to combat. For the paranoid feels that he can win in the end, which of course would be impossible against a case of mechanistic doom. Therefore Carroll needed some sentient manifestation of this doom, something that he could strike at, fight against. Therefore he has accused an ‘alien culture’ of tampering with the records to prevent us from knowing the truth.
space-born adj. 2 1944 G. O. Smith Long Way in Astounding Science Fiction Apr. 90/2 You may have trouble understanding our feelings. We are essentially a space-born company, and as such we can have no one at the helm that is not equipped to handle the technical details of operation in space.
subetherics n. 1948 G. O. Smith Trans-Galactic Twins in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 18/2 If I remain on Trenda, I may learn the answer to the atomic engines and sub-etherics.
Terran n. 2 1944 ‘W. Long’ Redevelopment in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 163/2 She had chosen to teach those who met her the Terran language instead of learning Telfan. Now those who understood any bit of Terran had gone to meet the Haywire Queen.