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darkside n. 1 1939 N. S. Bond Mercurian Menace in Dynamic Science Stories Feb. 62/1 ‘The dark side?’ Carson stared at the investigator in amazement; then slowly shook his head. ‘No ma’am! Not Mr. Carson, lady. He stays away from the dark side of Mercury! [...] My dear young lady,’ said Buzz seriously, ‘there are some things that even a space scout doesn’t go out of his way to meet. I mean those things which don’t concern him. Those things that got Henderson and Frizell. The things that destroyed Galactic’s dark[-]side station in two weeks without even leaving a trace behind. The things that flicker through the twilight zone when you’re walking near the border.’
grav n. 1 1939 N. S. Bond Fugitives from Earth in Amazing Stories Dec. 14/2 ‘Gravs on, Bartram!’ ‘Gravs on, sir!’
grav n. 2 1939 N. S. Bond Fugitives from Earth in Amazing Stories Dec. 115/1 I had to take off with an acceleration two gravs greater than I had planned.
groundhog n. 1940 N. S. Bond Beyond Light in Planet Stories Winter 54/2 The simple truth is…that you’re a groundhog and a damned poor son-in-law for a spaceman.
shuttle n. 1940 N. S. Bond Legacy in Astounding Science-Fiction Dec. 39/1 The Andromeda has been sold, Bert,…to the Ionian freight shuttle. You and the gang are ordered back to Earth.
space-bound adj. 2 1942 N. S. Bond Jessifer Rides Again in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 58/2 We're out of the Belt, space-bound for the Jovian system.
spacefaring n. 1942 N. S. Bond Ballad of Venus Nell in Planet Stories Spring 60 None but the most daring do any space-faring In those lethal, whirlagig niches, But spacemen all claim that the Bog is aflame With infinite, fabulous riches.
time-warping adj. 1940 N. S. Bond Dictator of Time in Planet Stories Spring 114/1 At last they stepped into the chamber which housed the Time-warping machine.