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darkside n. 1 1939 N. S. Bond Mercurian Menace in Dynamic Science Stories Feb. 62/1 ‘The dark side?’ Carson stared at the investigator in amazement; then slowly shook his head. ‘No ma’am! Not Mr. Carson, lady. He stays away from the dark side of Mercury! [...] My dear young lady,’ said Buzz seriously, ‘there are some things that even a space scout doesn’t go out of his way to meet. I mean those things which don’t concern him. Those things that got Henderson and Frizell. The things that destroyed Galactic’s dark[-]side station in two weeks without even leaving a trace behind. The things that flicker through the twilight zone when you’re walking near the border.’
gateway n. 1939 N. S. Bond Monster from Nowhere in Fantastic Adventures July 53/2 It could have been four huge fingers…with the palm descending to grasp the daring tri-dimensional ‘Flatlander’ who had the audacity to match wits with a creature from a superior world…. But sometimes I am tempted to organize another expedition to the Maratan Plateau, myself. Try to learn the truth concerning the thing from beyond the Gateway.
grav n. 1 1939 N. S. Bond Fugitives from Earth in Amazing Stories Dec. 14/2 ‘Gravs on, Bartram!’ ‘Gravs on, sir!’
grav n. 2 1939 N. S. Bond Fugitives from Earth in Amazing Stories Dec. 115/1 I had to take off with an acceleration two gravs greater than I had planned.
groundhog n. 1940 N. S. Bond Beyond LightPlanet Stories Winter 54/2 The simple truth is…that you’re a groundhog and a damned poor son-in-law for a spaceman.
hyperspatial adj. 1940 N. S. Bond Scientific Pioneer Returns in Amazing Stories Nov. 101/2 Him an’ a couple other guys named Einstein an’ Planck fiddled around with hyper-spatial mechanics an’ discovered some interestin’ things.
shuttle n. 1940 N. S. Bond Legacy in Astounding Science-Fiction Dec. 39/1 The Andromeda has been sold, Bert,…to the Ionian freight shuttle. You and the gang are ordered back to Earth.
space-bound adj. 2 1942 N. S. Bond Jessifer Rides Again in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 58/2 We're out of the Belt, space-bound for the Jovian system.
spacefaring n. 1942 N. S. Bond Ballad of Venus Nell in Planet Stories Spring 60 None but the most daring do any space-faring In those lethal, whirlagig niches, But spacemen all claim that the Bog is aflame With infinite, fabulous riches.
space flight n. 1940 N. S. Bond Ultimate Salient in Planet Stories Fall 26/2 It was weirdly strange, sitting there reading a story of spaceflight adventure written twenty years ago.
spacehound n. 1940 N. S. Bond Legacy in Astounding Science-Fiction Dec. 38/2 But Hawkins was an old spacehound, just barely hanging on.
spacehound n. 1940 N. S. Bond ‘Shall Stay These Couriers…’ in Thrilling Wonder Stories Nov. 83/2 For a hard-bitten old spacehound, he knows more about botany than any man I've ever met.
spacehound n. 1940 ‘G. Danzell’ Castaway in Planet Stories Winter 37/2 He was a good man, Cap McNeally. A hardened spacehound, canny and wise to the ways of the void, always on deck in moments of emergency. That’s why the IPS, the Corporation for which we work, had placed him in command of the Antigone, finest and fastest ship in the fleet.
spaceworthy adj. 1943 N. S. Bond Peril on Phoebus in Thrilling Wonder Stories Fall 87/1 The Pollux, freed of its layer of camouflage, proved to be spaceworthy, as did two of the other vessels taken captive by the pirates.
spacewrecked adj. 1940 ‘G. Danzell’ Castaway in Planet Stories Winter 37/2 We’re standing by to take on a space-wrecked sailor.
teleport n. 1 1943 N. S. Bond Phantom Out of Time in Planet Stories Fall 96/1 I came here through the medium of the greatest discovery ever made by man. The teleport, a machine invented by Robert Townsend…. It disassembles the atoms of any body placed in its transmitting chamber, and reconstructs that body at a destination selected by a setting of its dials.
topside adv. 1942 N. S. Bond Jessifer Rides Again in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 58/2 We’re out of the Belt, spacebound for the Jovian system. I–I’ll go topside right away, sir!
visor screen n. 1942 N. S. Bond Mr. Biggs Goes to Town in Amazing Stories Oct. 131/2 The visor screen brightened, and we were looking into the scowling pan of none other than the big boss himself.