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alternate universe n. 1950 ‘A. Boucher’ & J. F. McComas in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 104 At last the superlative magazine series by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt, recounting Harold Shea’s experiences with the mathematics of magic in alternate universes, is all in print in a completely revised and expanded form.
Earth-type adj. 2 1954 J. F. McComas Shock Treatment in R. Healy Nine Tales of Space & Time (1955) 53 That plant is now grown under government supervision on all Earth-type planets.
golden age n. 1952 ‘A. Boucher’ & J. F. McComas Recommended Reading in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 94 Of 30 books (counting the two-in-one jobs) there were 11½ novels whose book publication marked their first appearance before the public! 7 other novels were (as is normal in other fields) serialized shortly before or even simultaneously with their book publication. 8½ novels were revivals of works that first saw publication in magazines of the period 1939—1949; we're sure no one will quarrel with the permanent preservation of the best of that ‘Golden Age’ of science fiction.
mainstream adj. 1954 ‘A. Boucher’ & F. McComas Recommended Reading in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb. 93 In its crystal-clear prose, its intense human warmth and its depth of psychological probing, it is a first-rate ‘straight’ novel; its ingenious use of telepathy, psychokinesis and other ‘psi’ powers make it admirable science-fantasy; and the adroit plotting and ceaseless surge of action qualify it as a distinguished suspense story. Symbiotically, these factors add up to more than their sum—add up, indeed, to one of the most impressive proofs yet of the possibility of science fiction as a part of mainstream literature.