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alien life form n. 1937 H. Kuttner Raider of the Spaceways in Weird Tales July 64/2 It’s a unicellular creature—Janna told me—an alien life-form, developed along lines unfamiliar to us.
blowup n. 1945 ‘L. Padgett’ Piper’s Son in Astounding Science-Fiction Feb. 19/1 If he had been born before the Blowup, it might have been different. Impossible to say. One could read history, but one couldn’t live it.
continuum n. 1938 H. Kuttner Hollywood on Moon in Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr. 28/1 We’re looking into fourth dimensional space… So that’s the explanation of the ether eddy. It marks the orbit of a body in another continuum—a fourth dimensional continuum. It’s a hole in space, a hole created by a planet in another Universe.
Earthside adv. 1947 ‘H. Hastings‘ Big Night in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 45/1 They'll do the refining here and transmit the refined ores back Earthside.
galaxy-wide adv. 1949 H. Kuttner Time Axis in Startling Stories Jan. 50/1 When I investigated Belem’s disappearance I was much disturbed to learn how many other Mechandroids had vanished at the same time. I immediately assigned an all-out search, Galaxywide. But I was not too hopeful.
psychohistorian n. 1945 ‘L. Padgett’ Piper’s Son in Astounding Science-Fiction Feb. 23/2 I’m trying to look at it from the angle of psychohistorian. If there’d been telepaths in the past, things might have been different.
space-born adj. 1 1940 H. Kuttner Million Years to Conquer in Startling Stories Nov. 19/1 You are space-born, Ardath. You cannot quite realize that only on a planet can a man find a home.
space epic n. 1943 H. Kuttner Soldiers of Space in Astonishing Stories Feb. 92/1 It’s a cooperative job…. A gang of bums trying to come back. Even Helsing’s a bum now. He’s been on the Hollywood skids for years. Once a man starts going down there, nobody’ll give him a job. But Dan Helsing’s still a damn good director. His space epics used to raise my hair.