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pressor ray n. 1942 ‘R. Rocklynne’ Day of the Cloud in Startling Stories Nov. 80/2 With a modification of the pressor ray, the ships would pulverize those fragments into clouds of dust.
timeline n. 1941 ‘R. Rocklynne’ Time Wants Skeleton in Astounding Science-Fiction June 16/2 A Wittenberg disrupter tears atoms apart. The free electrons are shunted off into accumulators, where we get power for lighting, cooking, heating and so forth. The protons go into the proton analyzer, where the gravitons are ripped out of them and stored in a special type of spherical field. When we want to move the ship, the gravitons are released. They spread through the ship and everything in the ship. The natural place for a graviton is a proton. The gravitons rush for the protons—which are already saturated with 1846 gravitons. Gravitons are unable to remain free in three-dimensional space. They escape along the time line, into the past.