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alternate universe n. 1950 ‘A. Boucher’ & J. F. McComas in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 104 At last the superlative magazine series by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt, recounting Harold Shea’s experiences with the mathematics of magic in alternate universes, is all in print in a completely revised and expanded form.
elsewhen n. 1943 ‘A. Boucher’ Elsewhen in Astounding Science-Fiction Jan. 112/1 (title) Elsewhen.
gadget story n. 1942 ‘H. H. Holmes’ Rocket to Morgue 51 The gadget stories were more interesting. They frequently made honest attempts at forecasting scientific developments. Atomic power, stratosphere exploration, the rocket flight that so absorbs Chantrelle, all the features that may revolutionize the second half of this century as thoroughly as radio and the airplane have transformed this half—all these became familiar, workable things. But the writers stopped there. Interest lay in the gadget itself. And science fiction was headed for a blind alley until the realization came that even science fiction must remain fiction, and fiction is basically about people, not subatomic blasters nor time warps.
tri-v n. 1954 ‘A. Boucher’ Balaam in R. J. Healy 9 Tales of Space & Time 278 The situation was so hackneyed in 3V and microcomics that it was less a matter of explaining it than of making it seem real.