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astrogational adj. 1940 M. Jameson Quicksands of Youthwardness in Astonishing Stories Oct. 49/1 Elgar looked over the cases first, much interested in the medical supplies and first-aid kits furnished ships two millenia [sic] before, while Daxon was equally eager to examine the antique astragational [sic] equipment.
Callistan n. 2 1941 M. Jameson Bullard Reflects in Astounding Science-Fiction Dec. 74/2 ‘What’s the dirtiest thing you can call a Callistan?’ whispered Bullard, grinning unseen in the dark. ‘You know the lingo.’ ‘Froahbortlen,’ replied MacKay without hesitation. The Callistan language was rich in epithets, but that one was the most comprehensive and unequivocal ever coined in any language. Even a depraved criminal of the lowest grade would resent it.
earthborn n. 1940 M. Jameson Quicksands of Youthwardness in Astonishing Stories Oct. 20/2 Welcome to Athanata…the Planet of the Immortals. Gladly we receive the noble Earthborn, for like you, our pioneers fell from out the sky.
off-planet adj. 1945 M. Jameson Lilies of Life in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 31/1 They’ve trebled the offplanet patrol and tightened up on port inspection.
out-planet adj. 1944 M. Jameson Alien Envoy in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 118/1 I want a board of outplanet medicos there. We want to find out what an Ursan looks like, what makes him tick, and the rest. That means an autopsy such as never was, right down to the histology of every last cell in the monsters.
planetfall n. 1940 M. Jameson Quicksands of Youthwardness in Astonishing Stories Oct. 18/1 What with the retarding effect of the millions of miles of gas they had traversed and Ronny’s skillful adaptation of his surviving machinery, the Thuban’s speed had been reduced to manageable proportions by the time they were in position for their planetfall. Coming in on a tangent about a hundred miles above the estimated surface, Yphon encircled the cloud-wrapped orb three times on a slowly tightening spiral, gliding swiftly through the tenuous stratosphere, braking as he went.
pseudogravity n. 1939 M. Jameson Question of Salvage in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 78/2 An object nearby, something with real gravity, not the immaterial, cosmic ray generated pseudogravity that made up the etheric weather waves.
skyhook n. 2 1939 M. Jameson A Question of Salvage in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 86/2 It’s now or never, Bert. Slip those anchors into the electric oven and start exciting them. We'll try skyhooks over that ship. If they hold, you'll be on Easy Street.
sol n. 2 1939 M. Jameson Mill of the Gods in Astounding Science-Fiction Jan. 132/2 Six holes, one hundred and eight miles deep, each—through solid meteoric iron—at twelve and a half sols a lineal foot! What a survey! And how do you propose to get my money back?
time track n. 1942 M. Jameson Anachron, Inc. in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 62/1 They said that the prognosis following a Confederate victory was not good and that we have to assume the moral responsibility for the sort of futures we set up in these branch time-tracks we generate, even if they have no effect on us.