Sharon Lee

4 Quotations from Sharon Lee

galaxy-wide adv. 2010 S. Lee & S. Miller Mouse & Dragon xxix. 264 This was a pet project. When it had eventually borne in upon Anne precisely how much discretionary funding was available to her, as a full adult member of Clan Korval, she had lost no time in setting up a trust to fund a university chair to be filled by scholars who excelled in the teaching of comparative cultures, cultural genetics, or any other of a very short list of diversification studies. Once she, and more importantly, Mr. dea’Gauss, was satisfied with the terms of the trust, universities galaxywide had been solicited to apply for a grant.
jump pilot n. 2015 S. Lee & S. Miller Dragon in Exile 37 Leather on a Liaden meant Jump pilot or Scout. Or both. Usually. There were those who were unwise enough to wear leather they had not earned.
outworld n. 2011 S. Lee & S. Miller Korval’s Game 338 They’d sought him out, the canny Liadens. Him, Jen of Neglit Center, though they surely had all the fabled master jewelers of Solcintra to choose from. Yet they traveled to an outworld, sought out an old and fading Terran master, commissioned him to make—to remake—their ring. And why was that?
vibroknife n. 1988 S. Lee & S. Miller Partners In Necessity 223 The gleam was a vibroknife, not yet live.