Walter M. Miller, Jr.

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Walter M. Miller, Jr.

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atomics n. 1 1954 W. M. Miller Way of a Rebel in Worlds of If Apr. 42/1 He stood…feeling his small sub rocking gently in the calm sea, listening to the quiet purr of the atomics beneath him.
automatics n. 1952 W. M. Miller, Jr. Conditionally Human in Galaxy Science Fiction Feb. 62/2 ‘Why was the door open with the gas on?’ ‘I told you—we were checking the intakes. If you close the door, it starts the automatics. Then you can’t get it open till the cycle’s finished.’
biocomputer n. 1952 W. M. Miller Big Hunger in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 107/2 He crushed them, or harnessed them to his plow, or borrowed their neural circuits for his bio-computers.
blast off v. 1952 W. M. Miller Blood Bank in Astounding Science-Fiction June 96/2 We blasted off Jod VII at thirteen hours, Universal Patrol Time.
cybernetically adv. 1951 W. M. Miller, Jr. Izzard & the Membrane in Astounding Science Fiction May 90/2 Shall I cybernetically reorder my circuits into a human transor form as a demonstration? If so, whom shall I duplicate?
needle gun n. 1952 W. M. Miller Blood Bank in Astounding Science Fiction June 110/1 After removing a small needle gun from her pocket, he left a box of headache tablets in easy reach, locked her inside, and went back to the controls.
pressure suit n. 1952 W. Miller, Jr. Let My People Go in Worlds of If 8/1 He still wore a pressure suit, but the helmet had been removed.