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Mack Reynolds

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alien life form n. 1951 M. Reynolds Case of Little Green Men 18 We want to employ you to investigate the presence of such alien life forms.
extraterrestrial n. 1951 M. Reynolds Case of the Little Green Men 38 ‘Listen, Harry… You hired me to check on whether or not any extra-terrestrials—’ I'd picked up that word in the stories I'd been reading all afternoon—‘were hanging around your affairs. I don’t think sitting here reading your magazine is going to get me very far along in that direction.’
Jupiterian n. 1965 M. Reynolds Of Godlike Power in Worlds of Tomorrow July 21/2 Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and the Buddha were among those who loused up the true religion revealed to them by the Jupiterians.
planetary engineering n. 1974 M. Reynolds Second Advent in Worlds of If June 139/2 Even the planetary engineering resulting in the creation of this world took approximately seven days, using your present system of time measure.
space cruiser n. 1953 M. Reynolds Stowaway in Universe Science Fiction June 110/1 The conversation between Doc Thorndon and Kathy had been a lengthy one, and the officers and crew of the space cruiser New Taos would have been surprised at the ship’s doctr [sic] they thought they knew so well for his gentle kindliness.