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galactic n. 1 1976 P. Anthony Steppe (1980) i. 14 They did not consider themselves demons. In their own odd language they were ‘Galactics’—human beings from far away, representatives of a mighty empire that spanned a much greater region than did the Uigur realm at its height. That empire extended over planets and systems and constellations—though these were concepts of such sorcerous complexity and incongruity as to baffle his mind.
galaxy-wide adv. 1978 P. Anthony Chaining Lady xvii. 258 Melody tried to compose her thoughts, but they were a jumble of uncertainties. What decisions could she have made to avoid this present doom? Had there ever been any hope, or was the Andromedan onslaught prevailing galaxywide? Surely Segment Knyfh was holding out, and the other center-galaxy cultures.
prodom n. 2001 P. Anthony How Precious Was That While xi. 243 I actually entered prodom and fandom simultaneously.
rocketport n. 1990 P. Anthony And Eternity vii. 152 The ship backed down to its rocketport and dropped into its harness. The safe-to-debark gong sounded.
space dinghy n. 1969 P. Anthony Macroscope 17 ‘Our shuttle.’ Somehow Ivo had visualized a pint-sized rocket, a space-dinghy built for two. He should have known better. The launch vehicle was thirty-three feet in diameter at the base and not much smaller at the top.