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Europan adj. 1962 R. F. Young Star Fisherman in Fantastic Stories of Imagination June 37/2 On Europa, the people are desperately unhappy, and when people are desperately unhappy they can find relief in only one way—by exploiting someone who is worse off than they are. Bringing a Europan girl a dead man is like bringing a New Earth girl a box of candy.
micro book n. 1982 R. F. Young Universes in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 52 There was a micro-book library on the ship; and on my way back from the black hole, when I wasn’t taking care of Withers, I read, read, read.
out-planet adj. 1976 R. F. Young Ghur R’Hut Urr in Amazing Stories June 97/2 To: His Eminence, Harut Ul Farr [/] Overseer, Out-planet Historical Department.
robotically adv. 2 1964 R. F. Young Arena of Decisions in Amazing Stories Mar. 8/2 The bright-blue blooms that had made the planet famous throughout the galaxy…were robotically cultivated.
spaceboot n. 1964 R. F. Young Sphinx in Amazing Stories June 96/1 Actually, in combination with his snappy black spaceboots it constituted as sharp an outfit as the Terran Space Navy had ever come up with, but she certainly didn’t seem to think so.
space sailor n. 1980 R. F. Young Haute Bourgeoisie in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 15/2 Originally, to explain my periodic absences…I passed myself off as a space sailor.
telempathic adj. 1958 R. F. Young Mr. & Mrs. Saturday Night in Fantastic Nov. 57/1 The apartment, in a telempathic sense, was large enough to accommodate the whole world.
time storm n. 1959 R. F. Young Passage to Gomorrah in Fantastic Jan. 93/1 Suddenly he remembered his passenger, remembered her apprehension about time storms.