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alternate world n. 1944 F. Leiber Business of Killing in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 61/1 I am visiting the alternate worlds in search of one that has learned how to do away with the horrid scourge of war, in order to bring back the precious knowledge to my erring co-timers.
changewar n. 1958 F. Leiber The Big Time in Galaxy Mar. 8/1 This war is the Change War, a war of time travelers…. Our Soldiers fight by going back to change the past, or even ahead to change the future, in ways to help our side win the final victory a billion or more years from now.
ftl adj. 1950 F. Leiber Enchanted Forest in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 111/2 Your FTL radio can take no fix.
ftl adv. 1950 F. Leiber Enchanted Forest in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 111/2 ‘You fly fast, Elven.’…Elven agreed softly without looking around, and added, ‘FTL’—Meaning Faster Than Light.
slidewalk n. 1944 F. Leiber Sanity in Astounding Science Fiction Apr. 168/1 He had stepped on to the corridor slidewalk and had coasted halfway to the elevator before he realized that Phy had followed him and was plucking timidly at his sleeve.
sword and sorcery n. 1961 F. Leiber in Ancalagon Apr. 6 At any rate, I’ll use sword-and-sorcery as a good popular catchphrase for the field. It won’t interfere with the use of a more formal designation of the field (such as the ‘non-historical fantasy adventure’ which Sprague once suggested in a review of Smith’s Abominations of Yondro in AMRA) when one comes along or is finally settled on.
tight-beam v. 1959 F. Leiber Our Saucer Vacation in Fantastic Universe Dec. 48/1 ‘Dad,’ I said, tight-beaming it.