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fankind n. 1940 ‘C. S. Youd’ Paean by Miguel in Gargoyle (#1) Mar. 7 Whether Sykora can loose and bind / In fandom as well as on Earth; / If it be wiser to kill fankind / Before or after birth
fanne n. 1942 ‘Fantacynic’ Cherchez la Fanne in Spaceways (vol. 4, no. 3, whole no. 26) 12 (title) Cherchez la Fanne.
Hamiltonian adj. 1939 ‘Fantacynic’ At Bottom of My Garden in Satellite (#6) Mar. 5/1 1938: In a year which has seen the beginning of four new S.F. magazines, it would normally be hard to award the honour of the year’s most idiotic story. Claims have been put forward for stories as farapart as ‘Strip-teasers of Space’, ‘Outhout, the Big Spout’ and ‘The Flying Chinaman’, but as usual Eddy pips the rest at the post with his latest and greatest, ‘The Horror in the Horoscope’. For sheer, unparallelled lunacy, for Hamiltonian characters and Hamiltonian science, this is for crying out very loud, supreme!
space-based adj. 1957 ‘J. Christopher’ Occupational Risk in Science Fiction Stories Jan. 111/1 One small detail. I don’t need to remind you of it, but it’s the routine. While you are space-based, no children.
spacewreck n. 1949 ‘C. Youd’ Christmas Tree in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 158/2 The exciting parts are news—spacewrecks and crashes and mad orbits—but the routine’s dull.