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J. T. McIntosh

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empath n. 1956 ‘J. T. McIntosh’ Empath in New Worlds Aug. 30 ‘How exactly does the government use empaths?’ Tim shrugged. ‘We can tell the level of a man’s loyalty just by meeting him. We can walk around a factory and sense that there’s going to be a strike.’
empathy n. 1956 ‘J. T. McIntosh’ Empath in New Worlds Aug. 40 The Circle’s trying to get Tim without using empathy. They're all blanking out.
gateway n. 1969 J. T. McIntosh Six Gates to Limbo in Worlds of If Feb. 141/1 When they got there, there was no sign of any Gateway to Earth. That remained Venus’s secret.
jump v. 1955 ‘J. T. McIntosh’ Big Hop in Authentic Science Fiction June 4/1 The vast city stretching beneath the ship meant that hyper-space travel had been achieved. Some time after the Hope had left Earth, it had been discovered how to jump through space without painstakingly covering every inch of the way.
space cruiser n. 1966 J. T. McIntosh Sudden Silence in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 46/1 Rick, you’re this team’s pilot. Can you fly a Beta class space cruiser?