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trufan n. 1954 B. Shaw & W. Willis Enchanted Duplicator xviii. 26 This, he knew, must be the Tower of Trufandomโ€”and on its top The Enchanted Duplicator! [...] On either side of him were numerous parks and gardens, great and small, and of varying types of beauty, and in them walked shining, godlike figures whom he knew to be the Trufans. Now and again one of them would notice Jophan, and come to greet him and wish him well, and with each encounter his eagerness grew to reach the Tower and become one of their number.
trufandom n. 1954 B. Shaw & W. Willis Enchanted Duplicator i. 4 โ€˜Oh Spirit of Fandom, tell me how I may become a True Fan and publish the Perfect Fanzine, for that is what I desire more than anything in the world.โ€™ โ€˜I see I have chosen wisely,โ€™ said the fairy approvingly, โ€˜but the way to your heartโ€™s desire is long and hard. To reach it you must obtain the Enchanted Duplicator, sometimes known as the Magic Mimeograph. It lies in the very heart of Fandom, on the top of the High Tower of Trufandom, and the path to it is long and beset with many dangers.โ€™