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cycle n. 1988 N. Kress Alien Light i. 275 I watched you in the Hall of Teaching, the first time Grax brought the small enlarger. Cycles and cycles ago. You took a cell sample from your inner cheek by scraping it with your knife.
Luna City n. 2001 N. Kress Probability Sun 35 You've never been to Luna City before.
mutie n. 2009 N. Kress Act One in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 39 By nightfall the rioting had subsided, damped down by rumors that ‘muties’ were secretly roaming the streets, infecting everyone.
planetquake n. 2000 N. Kress Probability Moon xxix. 312 The three of them scuttled backward. Bazargan tried not to think what might happen if the wave caused a planetquake and the cave collapsed.
space tunnel n. 2000 N. Kress Probability Moon 35 And it, too, had at first looked like a small moon. But it had been a space tunnel, a wormhole transport point to a vast mappable net of usable tunnels. When a spaceship got itself laboriously out to Neptune and maneuvered inside Space Tunnel #1, it emerged elsewhere in the galaxy, directly outside a planetary system…and very near yet another space tunnel.
system-wide adj. 2007 N. Kress Fountain of Age in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 96 A system-wide background check wouldn’t hold, but why should anyone do a system-wide background check on a cleaning supervisor?
xenoanthropology n. 2000 N. Kress Probability Moon 57 When he returned to Princeton, he would be an instant star in the small, fiercely coveted world of xenoanthropology.
xenolinguist n. 2000 N. Kress Probability Moon 42 The Anaconda, Martian physicists decided, had had a Schwarzschild radius—defined as the radius below which, if you squeezed the mass, it would become a black hole—larger than the tunnel’s capacity to handle. From the disaster, xenolinguists had learned the meaning of the alien marking for ‘disruption’.