Nigel Robinson

2 Quotations from Nigel Robinson

anti-gravitational adj. 1987 N. Robinson Time Meddler ix. 109 โ€˜Is that so?โ€™ the Doctor asked sarcastically. โ€˜Of course,โ€™ said the Monk with all the unbridled enthusiasm of a schoolboy sharing a well-kept secret. โ€˜Do you really think the Ancient Britons could have built Stonehenge without the aid of my anti-gravitational lifts?โ€™
thought wave n. 1987 N. Robinson Sensorites xii. 131 Up in the First Elderโ€™s chamber Carol and the Sensorite leader watched anxiously as Susan tried to contact Barbara and John. Her face was stretched in concentration as she struggled desperately to receive Barbaraโ€™s thoughtwaves; but Barbaraโ€™s skill at using the mind transmitter was limited and Susan could catch only a few indistinct words.