Reginald Bretnor

4 Quotations from Reginald Bretnor

carbon-based adj. 1957 ‘G. Briarton’ Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov. 72 ‘Sire,’ replied Feghoot, ‘most marvelous of all are our Ixixixangos.’ He pointed to a couple of creatures who looked like vitrified anteaters and clanked when they walked. ‘All other life-forms are either carbon or silicon based. Only the Ixixixango has a chemistry based upon both, and requires both for its substance.’
genetic engineer n. 1987 R. Bretnor Nobelist Schimmelhorn in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 92/1 She suddenly had realized that not only could she get rid of him, but also at one bold stroke solve Madame’s frog problem and enhance her own reputation as a genetic engineer.
nonhumanoid n. 1962 ‘G. Briarton’ Through Time & Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LV in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 70 The natives of Qsgg III, besides being exceedingly vain of their sciences and arts, were the busiest non-humanoids in the galaxy.
sol-type adj. 1983 R. Bretnor Deep Song in Amazing Stories Sept. 152 They made two more landings, on planets of Sol-type stars.