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asteroid field n. 1942 R. F. Jones Starting Point in Astounding Science-Fiction Feb. 75/2 The crazy kid, instead of curving up over the asteroid field, he’s smashing through the thick of them at nearly four gees. He’ll bust a gut even if he don’t hit another asteroid.
earthshine n. 1957 R. F. Jones Gardener in Science Fiction Stories July 105/1 Could you give up watching the Earthshine from Mare Imbrium and exploring the ruins of the illfated [sic] Mars colony on the moon? Would you abandon those ancient vessels standing in the pumice of Mare Serenetatis in exchange for a backslap from Tom Marlow?
Ganymedian n. 1943 R. F. Jones Swimming Lesson in Astounding Science-Fiction Apr. 10/2 I know about the Korphs and the Titans and the Phobosians and the Ganymedians.
light-day n. 1956 R. F. Jones Academy for Pioneers in Astounding Science Fiction May 94/2 It was an insignificant run to the region of Proteus VI. The hyper-drive of the Paracelsus made the two light-day trip in a matter of subjective micro-seconds, but even so the shift required the usual preparations of banking down all electro-magnetic equipment of any kind.
space liner n. 1961 R. F. Jones Memory of Mars in Amazing Stories Dec. 33/1 The Martian Princess is a space liner perfectly capable of going to Mars. There’s no reason why such a huge ship should be used merely as a shuttle.