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hulled adj. 1941 L. Brackett Retreat to the Stars in Astonishing Stories Nov. 45/1 The Sparling bucked dangerously under his hands. He cursed it, whirled it toward another fighter. The third was maneuvering for a tube shot. Ralphโ€™s heat-ray raked out. The fighter, hulled, reeled away as her men died in the vacuum.
planet-bound adj. 1944 L. Brackett Veil of Astellar in Thrilling Wonder Stories Spring 53/1 You planet-bound people build your four little walls of thought and roof them in with convention, and you think thereโ€™s nothing else. But space is big, and there are other worlds, and other ways.
unhuman n. 1944 โ€˜L. Brackettโ€™ Jewel of Bas in Planet Stories Spring 19/1 One of the slim unhumans turned and looked with its depthless black eyes at the soaring metal giant.