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midspace n. 1932 ‘E. Binder’ The First Martian in Amazing Stories Oct. 656/2 Of course, the shape of a rocket-ship does not matter in the least out in mid-space.
mind-controlled adj. 1938 ‘E. Binder’ Life Eternal in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. ii. 73/2 Anton York willed himself out of his hypnotic state of bodily suspension. Mind-controlled relays turned on the various mechanisms that supplied heat, air, and artificial gravity.
port n. 1939 ‘G. A. Giles’ Flight of Starshell in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 57/1 The Starshell plunged on, negotiating the black gulf between Mars and Earth in rapid time. It had been several weeks since she had left her first port, Saturn’s outer moon.
space travel n. 1937 ‘E. Binder’ Conquest of Life in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 30/2 Ten years of research on liquid and solid rocket fuels had convinced him space travel would not be achieved by that clumsy, wasteful means.
superhero n. 1958 O. Binder in Adventure Apr. (front cover) Featuring ‘The Legion of Super-Heroes’.
superhero n. 1958 O. Binder in Adventure Apr. 3 (in figure) You would be the greatest super-hero of us all!
telepathize v. 1937 ‘E. Binder’ Queen of Skies in Astounding Stories Nov. vii. 101/1 And now I will speak as well as telepathize, for the benefit of the two surface men who are here with me.
time-warping adj. 1941 ‘E. Binder’ Adam Link in the Past in Amazing Stories Feb. 65/2 Its method of moving my ship physically was a by-product of the time[-]warping engine. By slipping the ship a few minutes or hours back in time—in relation to the daily clock—I moved westward. In effect, the Earth rotated under me.
time-warping adj. [1936 ‘E. Binder’ Spawn of Eternal Thought in Astounding Science Fiction May 151/2 He wished too that he might adapt his fourth-dimensional infinite velocity principle to the beam—that space-time warping form of energy which had given him instant contact with his ten-brain unit.]
Titanian adj. 1939 ‘E. Binder’ Impossible World in Startling Stories Mar. vii. 41 After a stop at the Titanian docks for fuel and replacements of their emptied oxygen tanks, the ETBI-14 and its Ranger convoy lumbered for wayward lapetus.
vac-suit n. 1938 ‘G. A. Giles’ Wayward World in Astounding Stories Feb. 110/1 It was too much fun seeing you wabble out in a vac-suit, like a sea-diver diving in a dry Martian seabottom.
vac-suited adj. 1939 ‘E. Binder’ Impossible World in Startling Stories Mar. 19/1 The rest of the men struggled into their vac-suits of neo-rubber. The two pilots helped them clamp the neck fittings of their helmets and clipped oxygen bottles to their belts…. Finally the eight vac-suited figures clumped out with their lead-weighted shoes and the air-lock hissed shut behind them.
vacuum-suited adj. 1937 ‘G. A. Giles’ Diamond Planetoid in Astounding Stories May 108/2 ‘Archie, for John’s sake, get away—anywhere but there!’ Osgood’s vacuum-suited figure lumbered away from the diamond ’toid, as though he had heard.