Neil R. Jones

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mind control n. 1940 N. R. Jones Cat-Men of Aemt in Astonishing Stories Aug. 46/1 The robots consisted of a domed cylinder mounted on three legs and fitted with four arms terminating in metal claws. They were operated entirely by the mind control of the Aemts.
space lane n. 1932 N. R. Jones Spacewrecked on Venus in Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 264/1 No longer would fliers of the space lanes fear them. But there were other outlaws.
spaceworthiness n. 1933 N. R. Jones Martian & Troglodyte in Amazing Stories May 128/2 Didn’t our three trial expeditions to the two moons…of our own planet prove our craft’s spaceworthiness?
spacewreck n. 1933 N. R. Jones Time’s Mausoleum in Amazing Stories Dec. 28/2 A human being killed in a space wreck among the asteroids had been brought back to life.
spacewrecked adj. 1932 N.R. Jones Spacewrecked on Venus in Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 260 (title of story) Spacewrecked on Venus.
Venerian adj. 1934 N. R. Jones The Moon Pirates in Amazing Stories Sept. 13/2 Both supported life—Mars' meager plant and animal life contrasting strangely with the luxuriant vegetation and teeming life amid the swamps and steaming jungles of the Venerian globe.