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ray n. 1930 J. Taine Iron Star (1976) ii. 24 Further, he ventured to prophesy in the same humorous vein, it will be easy, by spraying a patient’s ductless glands with the appropriate type of ‘rays’ to make two hairs sprout where none grew before.
ray n. 1930 J. Taine Iron Star (1976) ii. 23 More than one layman in the audience left the hall with the fixed and ineradicable belief that it is possible, by the proper use of the right chemicals or radioactive emanations—‘rays’, in the vague language of the street—so to modify the ductless glands of the human body that physical appearance, sex, character and brain power can be profoundly modified if not wholly transformed.
ray n. 1930 J. Taine Iron Star (1976) iv. 59 Somehow he has got it into his head that ‘rays’—X-rays, alpha rays, or some mystical kind not yet discovered—can change the rate of growth of the human body.
timestream n. 1931 ‘J. Taine’ Time Stream in Wonder Stories Dec. 837/2 The slightest excess of effort might upset the balance at any point of the time stream, sending them backward into the past or forward into the future independently of my will.