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Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

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atomic engine n. 2001 L. Biggle, Jr. The King Who Wasn’t in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Sept. 15/1 His assortment of knives…made him look equipped for tasks of a highly technological nature such as the overhaul of an atomic engine.
Centaurian n. 1 1965 L. Biggle, Jr. Pariah Planet in Worlds of Tomorrow Mar. 137/2 He had been attacked without warning, without provocation, by a drunken Centaurian named Zaque.
Galactic n. 2 1961 L. Biggle Monument in Analog Science Fact & Fiction June 153/2 A holiday atmosphere prevailed, the gaily dressed natives laughing and singing around the fires—singing in Galactic, an accomplishment that never ceased to intrigue Dillinger.
Galactic n. 2 1961 L. Biggle Monument in Analog Science Fact & Fiction June 69/1 ‘And—you say they speak Galactic.’ ‘Speak it rather well, with a kind of provincial accent.’
planet-hop v. 1959 L. Biggle, Jr. Hornets’s Nest in Worlds of If Sept. 121/1 The thing has me worried. That’s why I want to hit Pluto Base and planet-hop our way in. Give Earth notice that we’re coming.
planet-hopping n. 1958 L. Biggle, Jr. Morgan’s Lucky Planet in Imagination Apr. 95/2 The awe-inspiring depths of space did not awe Morgan. He loathed space. He detested planet hopping. He hated space ships.
spacegram n. 2003 L. Biggle Problem of Gourmet Planet in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Nov. 44/1 In the meantime, between feasts—every meal on Easole was a feast—he had the usual humdrum administrative tasks to take care of. He sat scowling at a spacegram he had just received. ‘Damn!’ he muttered, dropped it onto his desk, and then picked it up and read it again.
space relay n. 1958 L. Biggle Orzu Problem in Saturn Science Fiction & Fantasy Mar. Then back came the reply from the Director…by high-priority space relay.