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beanstalk n. 1989 L. Niven & S. Barnes Barsoom Project xxii. 201 Of all these proposed skyhooks, the Beanstalk is the most difficult to build. It must stand the greatest stresses. But the Beanstalk can lift cargo from ground to orbit, and fling them out to the stars, for the cost of the electricity, a few dollars a pound. But that cost is deceptive. The Beanstalk is also the most dangerous of the skyhooks. For if the cable ever snappedโ€”
cryosleep n. 1987 L. Niven, J. Pournelle, & S. Barnes Legacy of Heorot iii. 46 Were there dreams in cryosleep? The neurologists said no, but his memory said yes.
gafiate v. 2011 L. Niven & S. Barnes Moon Maze Game xv. 127 They had once been married, but then one of them had lost interest in gaming, and the relationship had drifted apart. If memory served, it was Maud who had gafiated.
holovid n. 1992 L. Niven & S. Barnes California Voodoo Game vi. 68 When all was said and done, one got points by destroying oneโ€™s enemy, but made money by cooperating to make the best holovid possible.
tight-beamed adj. 1994 S. Barnes Firedance (1995) 38 He heard aโ€ฆwhisper in his ear, in some sort of tight-beamed message.