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Afrofuturism n. 1993 M. Dery Black to the Future in South Atlantic Quarterly 92 736 African-American concerns in the context of twentieth-century technoculture…might, for want of a better term, be called ‘Afrofuturism’.
glitch n. 2008 M. Dery McClellan’s ‘Matrix’ Moment in L.A. Times 7 June a23/2 It is a White House whose solution to every unhappy turn of events—the Iraqi insurgency, Hurricane Katrina, a moribund economy—is to treat it not as a real-world problem requiring a real-world solution but as a glitch in the Matrix, ‘a perception problem’ to be handled with the Message of the Day and the Theme of the Week.
supernormal n. 1996 M. Dery Escape Velocity 289 Snyder spins out an SF scenario in which ‘supernormals’ enhanced with neural prosthetics ‘operate computers, typewriters, or turn on a television set just by using their brains’.