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astrogator n. 2012 J. Scalzi Redshirts (2013) 175 ‘I have no idea where I’m going,’ Kerensky said. ‘You’re an astrogator,’ Duval said. ‘This is a road.’
colony planet n. 2013 J. Scalzi Human Division x. 275 The Phoenix City Hub…aggregated most of the civilian mass transportation for the oldest and most populous city of the oldest and most populous human interstellar colony planet.
redshirt n. 2012 J. Scalzi Redshirts 288 Abnett smiled wryly. ‘So I get to be the redshirt on this one.’
warp speed n. 2012 J. Scalzi Redshirts (2013) 174 When your friend is coherent tell him that if he shows up again, he’ll achieve warp speed thanks to my foot in his ass.
xeno- prefix 2006 J. Scalzi Ghost Brigades (2007) xi. 256 What few xenographical studies of the Obin had been done by humans or other races discovered that aside from a spare and utilitarian language, and a facility for practical technology, the Obin produced nothing of creative note: No significant art across any of their perceivable senses, no literature, no religion or philosophy that xenographers could recognize as such.
xenobiology n. 2012 J. Scalzi Redshirts (2013) 20 The Academy seemed like the best exit strategy. Spent four years there studying xenobiology and linguistics.