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areological adj. 1958 ‘J. Wyndham’ Thin Gnat-Voices in New Worlds Science Fiction July 103 I felt that if I could use his geological—or areological—interests to lure him outside, even a brief expedition might serve to dispel this notion of lurking Martians.
areology n. 1958 ‘J. Wyndham’ Thin Gnat-Voices in New Worlds Science Fiction July 102 ‘One of our main objects…is to bring in a preliminary report on the geology of Mars.’ ‘Areology,’ he corrected me. ‘You can’t possibly talk about the geology of Mars. Doesn’t make sense.’
earthwoman n. 1952 ‘J. Wyndham’ in Galaxy Science Fiction July 62/2 The geologist greeted Lellie [sc. a Martian] just as if she were an Earthwoman.
gyrobus n. 1936 ‘J. Beynon’ Planet Plane v. 40 Machines of every kind from the dainty flipabout to the massive gyrobus…started to float in from each quarter.
message rocket n. 1933 ‘J. B. Harris’ Exiles on Asperus in Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 168/2 Instead of the irregular lump of cosmic rubbish he expected, he found himself gazing at a dented, stellium cylinder. ‘A message rocket,’ he muttered. ‘Now what the —?’ Bending down, he rolled it over and felt for the catch which would slide the message compartment cover aside.
sentient adj. 1932 ‘J. B. Harris’ Lost Machine in Amazing Stories Apr. 42/2 A touch on the lever sent the machine sinking rapidly towards a green rectangle, so regular as to suggest the work of sentient creatures.
shuttle n. 1960 ‘J. Wyndham’ Emptiness of Space in New Worlds (#100) Nov. 41 The acceleration in that shuttle would spread you all over the floor—very thinly.
teleportage n. 1951 ‘J. Wyndham’ Pawley's Peepholes in Science-Fantasy Winter 5 If there could be teleportation, or teleportage, or whatever it is.
teleportation n. 1951 ‘J. Wyndham’ Pawley’s Peepholes in Science-Fantasy Winter 8 Suppose the Russians had a transmitter, and could project things or people here by teleportation.
triffid n. 1951 ‘J. Wyndham’ Day of Triffids ii. 46 A catchy little name originating in some newspaper office as a handy label for an oddity—but destined one day to be associated with pain, fear and misery—triffid.
triffid n. 1951 ‘J. Wyndham’ Day of Triffids ii. 54 He had also established that the infertility rate of triffid seeds was something like ninety-five per cent.
visiscreen n. 1938 ‘J. Benyon’ Sleepers of Mars in Tales of Wonder (#2) 23/2 Gordonov went back to his occupation of watching the repair work through the visi-screen.