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cybernetically adv. 1960 K. Bulmer Earth’s Long Shadow in Science Fiction Adventures Nov. xi. 70 You might have on file and cybernetically indexed all the details on all the inhabitants of your stellar grouping. But that didn’t stop one farmer on a planet fifty light years off from trading with a local produce firm. And if the produce firm dealt with another adjacent grouping that was in bad odour with the cybernetic index, then the index was going to have to do a lot of cog-whirring to do anything about it.
earth folk n. 1956 ‘H. P. Stratford’ Hidden Power in Authentic Science Fiction June 69/1 I thought that if I tried to play ball with you on this planet of New Eden, tried to keep the Earth folk in their quarter and under your law, we'd get along. But it seems I was mistaken.
pressor ray n. 1960 K. Bulmer Fatal Fire in New Worlds Science Fiction July 14 The guard stopped them with a pressor ray as their feet hit an orange painted area six yards square. They stood, leaning forward, invisibly supported.
robotical adj. 1956 K. Bulmer Mr. Culpeper’s Baby in Authentic Science Fiction Apr. 65/1 With robotical actions he prepared a frugal supper, going through the routine of accepted practice.
Saturnian adj. 1970 K. Bulmer Scales of Friendship in Vision of Tomorrow May 48/1 The passenger from the taxi was swept up in the throng. Cullen caught a glimpse of a tall iridescent form, blue and green muted and intermingling like costly Saturnian satin, surrounded by jostling talons and claws, happily buffeted this way and that. The aliens laughed and sang and chirruped. They made a ghastly racket.
sf-ish adj. 1959 K. Bulmer Bow Bells No. 1 in Vector (#5) Autumn 35 The London Circle, it should be noted, has no connection with the BSFA other than the mutual interest in sfish affairs; yet I feel that news of London must be of interest to fandom at large.
spacegram n. 1962 ‘N. Sherwood’ Scarlet Dawn in Science Fiction Adventures (#28) v. 31 Carson answered by filling in a spacegram form. The lady smiled sweetly as she read it and franked the right amount. Carson paid. The gram said: ‘Captain Mike Jose, GG HQ, Perivale. Having fine time. Saw you on tv. Keep the ball in the air.’ The lady prodded with a finger. ‘Glad to know you’re having a good time as soon as you land, son. But aren’t you going to sign it?’ ‘No. Costs extra. Anyway, they’ll know who it’s from.’
spacewreck n. 1974 ‘T. Zetford’ Whirlpool of Stars ii. 18 Just what dangers were involved in putting a life shell down no one really understood. The shells were built to take survivors from a spacewreck and transport them as rapidly as possible to the nearest bio-applicable planet. After that, surface tenders would rise from the surface to make contact and transport the survivors to safety.